We love kids

Our mission is to craft toys that not only ignite joy but also foster healthy development. This dedication underpins all our creations. We specialize in crafting exceptional, one-of-a-kind, high-quality, and eco-friendly educational toys tailored for both baby girls and boys. Crafted from natural wood, our toys are meticulously designed to enrich cognitive and physical abilities. Moreover, we uphold a stringent policy against the use of any harmful substances throughout every stage of production.

Welcome to Montojoy, where the safety of your baby is our top concern. Our baby products meet the strictest safety and sustainability standards. TSCA Title VI compliance guarantees they are free from harmful substances. Certified by Global GreenTag's Product Health Declaration, our products prioritize your baby's well-being. With a silver rating for sustainability and GreenGuard certification for low VOCs, we minimize environmental impact. At Montojoy, we are dedicated to crafting baby products with a strong focus on safety and eco-friendliness. Choose us for quality, sustainable, and safe options for your little one.

We recognize that a child's artistic and aesthetic cognition begins with toys like these, which is why we invest our passion and dedication into the design process. By infusing each puzzle with thoughtfully curated designs, we aim to inspire and nurture the artistic senses of children, providing them with not just a toy, but a gateway to creative exploration and expression.

Thuy Huong - Creative Director.