Safety Material Statement

Above all, we're parents ourselves, and we understand that toy safety is non-negotiable—it's a must. That's why every detail of our product is carefully designed and rigorously tested, but it doesn't stop there. We take pride in putting your child at the heart of every design and manufacturing decision. Because when your child is happy, that's when we truly rejoice.

At Montojoy, we're on a mission to sprinkle a little extra joy and imagination into children's playtime. Our flagship product, the wooden name puzzle, isn't just a puzzle; it's a work of art reflecting our dedication to excellence, craftsmanship, and, of course, the safety of your little explorers. We understand that parents don't just want any toy; they want something that's not only visually appealing and educational but also provides the comforting embrace of a grandmother. That's why our Safety Material Statement is like a cozy blanket on a chilly day, reassuring you that your child's health is our top priority.

Crafted with the precision of a master carpenter from premium natural basswood boards, our puzzles promise a smoother tactile experience than a newborn baby's skin, with no cracks or breaks in sight. Say goodbye to those "ouch" moments and welcome hours of worry-free play for those precious little hands.

We don't just paint our puzzles; we coat them with colors as vibrant as a rainbow after a summer shower. And don't worry, our non-toxic, odorless water-based paint is as safe as a puppy in a field of daisies, ensuring that your child's imagination can soar without any harmful chemicals getting in the way.

And let's not forget about safety! Every puzzle is designed with more rounded edges than a stand-up comedian's routine and more sanded corners than a Zen garden, ensuring that even the clumsiest of toddlers won't suffer any bumps or bruises.

At Montojoy, we value your child's safety like a penguin cherishes its waddle, but we also know that playtime should be as fun as a birthday party with a clown and a bouncy castle. So, thank you for inviting us into your child's world, where safety is top priority and laughter knows no bounds.