We Respect the Infinite Potential of Every Child

At Montojoy, we firmly believe that talent is nurtured, not innate. The potential within every child knows no limits. As their minds are most sensitive during the early years, our mission is to support their development.

To assist parents in this noble task, we've created sustainable tools that stimulate children's imaginations and withstand the test of time. Through joyful, safe, and open play, we aim to unlock the potential within every child.

We Advocate for Simplicity in Play

The essence of Montojoy's philosophy revolves around simplicity: clear shapes, uncomplicated designs, and sustainable materials. We advocate for the belief that fewer toys in rotation create richer imaginative experiences. Therefore, we adhere to a "less is more" approach inspired by Montessori principles throughout all our efforts.

We Prioritize Safety in Play for Every Child

Whether it's a wooden nursery decoration or a stacking toy, every detail exudes neatness and beauty, engaging the senses with its smooth lines. Our wooden toys are meticulously crafted from non-toxic materials, ensuring safety for young children, even during teething.

In our commitment to sustainability, we ensure that every baby name sign, personalized name puzzle, or growth chart is not only eco-friendly but also designed for long-term use, inspired by the wonders of nature.

The team

Ever heard the saying that a brand is just a bunch of people? Well, lucky for us, the folks making up our company are quite the remarkable bunch—talented, dedicated to their craft, and always ready to lend a helping hand.

So, if you're wondering who's pulling the strings behind the scenes, let us give you a glimpse...

Khanh Vo

a brand manager. Being fond of wood and eco-friendly materials, Khanh always wanted to create wooden toys for children. When he told his 4-year-old son, "Son, daddy will open a wooden toy shop," and saw the boy's eyes widen with uncontainable joy, Khanh felt even more certain about his decision.

Thuy Huong

Huong has merged her artistic interests with a commitment to environmental sustainability in crafting high-quality toys. "We're the ones shaping the children's world," shares the compassionate mother. "With today's toddlers growing up in a digital age, we can't wait for change in the toy industry. We must be the ones to initiate it."

Nhi Ho

Every Montojoy puzzle, animal, or baby night light boasts the touch of a talented designer. It's her imaginative flair that transforms our visions into reality, infusing playtime with magic. "Kids are my muse," she says. "Just spending time with them, watching their favorite cartoons, gives me insight into their world and what sparks their imagination."

Le Nguyen Ngan

Le Nguyen Ngan, our IT maestro, adds a touch of magic to our technical operations, crafting seamless functionality with a hint of humor. Armed with a keyboard and mouse, he swiftly resolves IT issues, earning him the title of our shining wizard, ready to rescue us from any tech mishaps.

Cong Thang

our meticulous printing and painting supervisor, upholds high standards in his craft. His attention to detail and precision are invaluable to our team, as he oversees a crucial stage of our production process.